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October 22, 2020
Brand Awareness / Reach
Digital Marketing Courses Live

About Digital Marketing Courses Live

Digital Marketing Courses Live is a Digital Marketing Institute that concentrates on providing Online Digital Marketing Courses to bright and talented individuals from all across the globe. The primary focus of Digital Marketing Courses Live is to provide quality Digital Marketing Training through Online Medium and not recordings.

Client's Brief

Being an Online Digital Marketing Institue, Digital Marketing Courses Live wanted to concentrate and capitalize on the term Online. There are many Digital Marketing Institutes or  you can say many Digital Marketing institutes providing Digital Marketing Courses Online but what sets them apart is their teaching methodology and the fact that despite conducting online classes they do not rely on recordings but conduct Online training sessions which makes them unique and leaves no doubts for the students as all the queries are resolved in the session itself

Social Media Platforms Leveraged


As Digital Marketing Courses Live is a well-reputed Digital Marketing Training Institute based in Pune, my aim was to position it as the first stop for people who are planning to pursue their career in the Digital Marketing Industry. The core purpose of my social media strategy was to ensure the target audience about Digital Marketing and the USP being Lifetime Support and Annual Membership. Posts were focused on creating awareness and extend the reach through social media campaigns. While the social media campaigns were designed to fit in with the brand’s objective of reaching the maximum audience in the most cost-efficient way, I came with an effective social media marketing strategy through which not only were we able to reach a wide audience but also control the costs.

Social Media Campaign Leveraged



As I wanted to reach the right audience in a short time and also be cost-efficient, I was successfully able to reach a 49k+ audience in 1 day