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November 29, 2020
Awareness/Lead Generation
Rexton Advertising

About Rexton Advertising

Rexton Advertising is a professional LED display manufacturer with a history of more than four years, aiming to provide one-stop full color LED screen solutions to clients in the Indian market from sales, transportation, customs clearance, installation, training, and maintenance service.

Client's Brief

Rexton Advertising’s relentless passion for crafting the unique needed an incredible storyline whilst ensuring that the brand’s image remained in focus even though my efforts were to be centered around appealing to the target audiences. The brand wished to attach with its LED Scrollers the feeling of uniqueness and pride in owning their designs. As a digital marketer, it was on me to design a distinctive identity using social media marketing tools, that are both cost-effective and audience-engaging.

Social Media Platforms Leveraged


As Rexton Advertising is a well-reputed brand in the Traditional Marketing Industry, my brief was to position it as the common man’s necessity that despite its unique designs, meets the creative visions of the modern-day customer. The core purpose of our social media strategy was to ensure that the creatives, which were designed to reflect the LED Scroller marketing side, didn’t lose their connection with the modern audiences. Posts focused to create awareness and extend the reach of the campaigns. While the social media campaigns were designed to fit in with the brand’s creativity of LED Scrollers for small businesses, My team and I injected a positive vibe through the copies and artworks to make them relatable and relevant to the target audiences.

Social Media Campaign Leveraged


In a short span of 2 days, I was successful in getting them 39 leads for their product LED Scroller