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December 12, 2020
Social Media Marketing
Red Label Outlet UK

About Red Label Outlet

Red Label Outlet is a UK based family run business providing Genuine Branded Fragrance & Beauty products since 2012 at discounted prices. With over 4000 products in stock, these include a wide range of Fragrances, Haircare, Skin Care & Cosmetics.

Client's Brief

Red Label Outlet is a UK based business focused on UK based family run business providing Genuine Branded Fragrance & Beauty products. They wanted to position themselves to their target group as a brand that offers genuine fragrances at competitive rates. Red Label Outlet had never taken the social media marketing approach seriously until recent times. Being a family run business that caters to almost all popular fragrances, Red Label Outlet wanted to reach a wider audience with the primary focus being branding & awareness followed by sales & inquiries.

Social Media Platforms Leveraged


Facebook and Instagram were used to showcase various fragrances and create a sense of desire and curiosity amongst the target audience. We produced a number of creative images featuring fragrances and creating a sense of urgency. Creatives were made taking into consideration the target audience, which served the dual purpose of brand awareness and lead generation. In addition to this, Facebook and Instagram advertising was adopted for create an awareness about Red Label Outlet and the various offers that they had. On the basis of an observation that people in United Kingdom use Instagram & Facebook a lot, frequent Instagram & Facebook ads were run to drive awareness and generate sales.


I ran 14 ads for Red Label Outlet which each of the ad crossed a reach of 10k+ audience per day

Social Media Campaigns Leveraged


Considering the brand image I came up with a plan of running reach & brand awareness ads for Red Label Outlet. The ads proved really helpful as they passed on a message of trust and reliability which helped in building the brand and increase the sales.